Barefoot & Married

Not "Barefoot & Pregnant" yet – not as far as I know, at least!

Beyond His Years June 14, 2010

Filed under: Conversations — barefootnmarried @ 7:06 pm

Mr. Barefoot: What is all that noise?

Me: It’s all of our neighbors – they like to play their music really loudly.

Mr. Barefoot: Darn college kids – ever since all the young people moved in, we can’t get any quiet around here.

My husband, an elderly grump at age 20!


2 Responses to “Beyond His Years”

  1. Keziah Says:

    Hi! I also found your blog on Boundless! This is too funny, and it sounds like my hubby & me… isn’t it weird that once you’re married, you feel so much older than single people your age?! We got married in february!

  2. barefootnmarried Says:

    Totally! It’s amazing how quickly it changes!

    And congratulations!

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