Barefoot & Married

Not "Barefoot & Pregnant" yet – not as far as I know, at least!

Blog Post Numero Uno June 14, 2010

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Creative title, huh? Bet I have Pioneer Woman shakin’ in her boots. I like to throw in a little bit of the Spanglish here and there to keep you on your toes. (“you” at this point consists of my husband, and perhaps my mom)

So, I’ve been a blog-lurker for around a year now, and I’m genuinely surprised at how much I enjoy reading about other people’s lives. I spend so much time on Google Reader that my husband convinced me I should share my life too. Seems only fair.

So here I am. I’ve always loved to write, so here’s my leap into the cyber world. Check out my About Me to learn a bit more about who I am. I’ll give you a hint: I’m married, and I like being barefoot. More shocking and surprising information to come!


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