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Rejecting Children June 16, 2010

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That’s what I felt like I was doing today.

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Mr. Barefoot and I are now official sponsors of a child through Compassion International. They are an amazing non-profit, and everyone I know who has had experience with them can’t say enough good about them. I’m so glad we finally took the leap and became sponsors.


You have to CHOOSE the specific child you want to sponsor. Really Compassion? You put all of these adorable, beautiful children in front of me, all of whom desperately need care, and I have to CHOOSE? Way to forever assault me with overwhelming abandonment guilt. As soon as I get ready to click on one picture, every face surrounding it fills me with guilt and I was overcome with the need to adopt every single one of them. We happen to be affected by this phenomenon called limited income, however, and had to call Mr. Barefoot over to make the decision.

Mr. Barefoot strode over in all of his confidence while scoffing at my decision-making ineptitude.

Until he sat down at the computer, that is. He was just as overtaken as I was. In all seriousness, the need is so great. Just looking at page after page of faces and stories breaks my heart. Compassion does such great things. Then as we were talking about our decision, we realized we were thinking of ourselves as far too important. (Sidenote: I do that a lot. All the time actually. And God constantly has to whack me over the head about it.)

God is going to accomplish great things with or without little old me. It is certainly to my benefit, however, to let him use me in whichever ways he chooses. And I couldn’t be more grateful. The way he chose to use me today was in sponsoring Shema David, from Rwanda. Shema has not been “chosen” in the more than 6 months he has been awaiting adoption, and we are so glad we could do something to help, regardless of how pitiful it feels compared to the thousands out there that need help.

We put our faith in God, though, and trust in his Word. So Shema, we are looking forward to sponsoring you.

P.S. Apparently there is a random button that doesn’t force you to choose. We only found it after we had already placed Shema in our online shopping cart (which, by the way, awkward much?), and if you think there was any way we were hitting that “Remove” button, you are out of your mind!
Do you sponsor a child ? Tell me about it!


One Response to “Rejecting Children”

  1. Jessica W. Says:

    Hi, found your blog on Boundless, and you are funny. I’m enjoying reading.

    I do sponsor a child. her name is Jeyalakshmi. I can’t pronounce it which makes me feel terrible! I call her “J” She is 11 and lives in India.

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