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The Next Star Wars June 17, 2010

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In addition to being a loving and wonderful husband, Mr. Barefoot is exceptionally talented. He has done church videos, etc since high school (a whopping 2.5 years ago), but branched out into doing extra videos for a little money on the side.

His freshman year of college, he went out on a limb, borrowed money from his parents and grandparents, and started a videography business. We had started dating at that point, and seriously, what’s better for a newly dating couple than to begin one of the most stressful life endeavors ever? start a business together?

I am still to this day incredibly impressed with the guts it took for Mr. Barefoot to do what he did. At all of 18 years old, he was willing to put in the work it took to start a production company, including everything from licensing to accounting to contracts to doing the actual work he was hired for. This included using professional camera and editing equipment, as well as meeting with plenty of people many times older than him who frequently believed he had no idea what he was doing because of his age. He had to make a website knowing nothing next to nothing about websites (iWeb was a close friend), and tried to pull some clients together.

Over the next year and a half, he started doing weddings, promo videos, and small commercials. He currently still does weddings, as well as 60-second commercials for YellowPages Online and Yelp!, and a ton of other small business types. He does all of the filming and editing on all of his own equipment, has taught himself pretty much everything he know about videography and photography, and has completely paid off the original loan to his parents and grandparents. He has won a national award for one of his commercials.

Did I also mention he’s still just 20 years old? Getting a clue why I was pretty darn attracted to the guy right away? (that and the dimples … sheesh … those dimples ;-D)

What? Excuse me? What was I saying? Dimples? Husband? Oh yes, the production company (which shall remain nameless for the sake of anonymity).

It’s still small, but growing steadily. And did I mention he’s still in school full-time?

The end goal is to do something in film/video. And whether that means becoming the next Steven Spielberg, or continuing the production company to a full-time gig, or something totally different, I sure hope he is able to use his God-given talents.

Our running joke anytime we don’t have enough money for something is that we will do it when Mr. Barefoot makes the next Star Wars. Because, you know, George Lucas is just right around the corner, and in my highly realistic view of the world, of course Mr. Barefoot can just churn out the next Star Wars-type movie and then we will be fabulously rich. So we drive by a beautiful that obviously costs millions … “Oh honey, we’ll just buy that when you make the next Star Wars!” Want to travel somewhere? “When you make the next Star Wars, sweetie!” The entire state of California? ” Oh we’ll just buy it when you make the next Star Wars, honey!”

He’s actually in school for video production right now, but he’s pretty much re-learning everything he’s taught himself already, so I think he should just pursue the business full-time, but that’s a round-and-round argument for us.

For this post, I tried to convince him to let me put up one of his videos, because me telling you that he’s great at video doesn’t really mean a whole lot, as my opinion is obviously heavily biased. However, he doesn’t really get the bloggy world. He will read techie and video blogs, but for the purpose of gaining more knowledge, not to read about someone he’s never even met.

Mr. Barefoot: “What do you mean, people will read your ramblings about our lives? And then comment on it? And you read theirs? And you’ve never even met them?”

He finds it highly suspicious that I’d want to show a video of his on such a strange site, so it’s a work in progress. I’ll try to convince him though!


4 Responses to “The Next Star Wars”

  1. I had a very good friend who was a Cinematographer. He managed to make a decent living at it for many years. It was so sad that the year he hit the big time for real (three feature films in one year) was the year he got sick.

    I know he cut his teeth doing editing for a local studio, then progressed to shooting for NFL films–he made his niche shooting action. He went on to work on Traffic, Friday Night Lights and Transformers.

    It is totally possible to live the dream! Good luck to your husband (who is the same age as my son–wah!).

    • barefootnmarried Says:

      Thanks for the blog visit 😀

      And yes, we constantly struggle with figuring out the best way to get him where he needs to be. He doesn’t necessarily want to be in the big-budget features, he just wants to do something production-related. And that’s too bad about your friend.

  2. Lisa Marie Mutchler (formerly Goetz!) Says:

    Haha i love that your husband said that about no one wanting to read about your lives. I’m sure you were very gracious in showing him that he was (obviously) wrong about that;-)

    I found you through Boundless, as i’ve seen some other readers have as well. I love your blog name, cute play on words:-) I just got married in April, and we’re on the younger side, too- i’m 23 and my husband is 22 (and still in college.)

    Looking forward to reading more from you- I like your writing!

    • barefootnmarried Says:

      Thanks for the visit, and congratulations on the marriage! It’s nice to *meet* fellow young marrieds 😀

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