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Pinch Socks June 19, 2010

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The other day I finally decided that our closet needed a good cleaning out. Some things needed to be donated to Goodwill, and there were a few boxes that had been in there since we were married, and needed sorting and organizing.

I pulled everything out of the closet, made a couple bags for Goodwill, and happy with my success, moved onto to the two boxes. They were Mr. Barefoot’s, and taped closed. I had never bothered to investigate, and as I dragged them out into the living room to sort through them, I asked him what could be in them.

“I have no idea”, he responded.

I opened the first box to find it chock-full of socks. This is a full-size filing box, filled to the top, with socks.

Mrs. Barefoot: “Seriously? No one needs that many socks.”

Mr. Barefoot: “They’re my pinch-socks”

Mrs. Barefoot: “Pinch-socks?”

Mr. Barefoot: “When I’m in a pinch, like out of my other socks, that I like better, I have back-ups.”

Mrs. Barefoot: “You need an entire box of back-ups?”

Mr. Barefoot: “Well, you never know.”

Mrs. Barefoot: “You never know? As in, if there is suddenly a disaster that completely takes out all of the water and power in California and leaves us stranded and destitute and completely unable to wash socks, then you will have your back-up pinch socks, and all will be right with the world?”

Mr. Barefoot: “Yes.”

Mrs. Barefoot: “Oh, ok, I get it.”

Mr. Barefoot: “Really?”

Mrs. Barefoot: “No.”

So, guess what the second box was full of?

Shockingly enough, it was socks. Plain, white, old socks. Nothing special. Just socks.

But he had them in a pinch.

And now, so does Goodwill.


3 Responses to “Pinch Socks”

  1. Saidah Ali Says:

    Oooh. You got lucky. I have to sneak stuff out of the house in the wee hours of the morning to get it away from my husband. Especially “hole-y” pajamas. And the MOUNTAINS of baseball cards under the bed. And the clothes that he’s now “grown out of.” And video game system he hasn’t used in the 3.5 years since I met him… Seriously. I’m still trying to bribe him into giving up his old football cleats. “Old” meaning, he’s 29 and he hasn’t used them since he played his freshman year of college.

    • barefootnmarried Says:

      Haha, that’s a whole other post in and of itself!

      But don’t you know that all those things have memories ? And he can’t remember all those good times without the things to remind him?

  2. Ashley Says:

    I have this obsessions with knee socks. Seriously, I’m looking over right now at a box I have that’s overflowing with them! Want to make me happy? Buy me some cute knee socks. (or chocolate. or shoes. take your pick.) 🙂

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