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The TP Squirrel June 23, 2010

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Mr. Barefoot, like most most males (to my knowledge) is generally incapable of replacing the toilet paper when he finishes a roll. We fall squarely into the gender stereotypes on that one.

However, he adds an extra twist to his failure-to-replace. As opposed to merely opening a new roll and placing it next to the dispenser so the magic TP fairies can spirit it onto the roll, he instead uses the necessary amount and then squirrels the remainder of the roll away somewhere in the recesses of the bathroom as if he will need to return to find his hidden stash when a major TP shortage strikes the Bay Area.

All other citizens will be lost, alone and forlorn bemoaning their lack of forethought, but Mr. Barefoot will be sitting high and dry (literally!) with his hidden stash to save the day.

I should really just be thankful I married such a planner.

P.S. Missy at It’s Almost Naptime also covered this newsworthy topic recently. Therefore, I am obviously cutting-edge for bringing it up.


One Response to “The TP Squirrel”

  1. Holly Says:

    Lovely blog you have here. I followed you over from YoungMarriedLife. So nice to meet someone else who believes in marriage in the way God designed it. My hubby and also got married fairly young (we were both 23), and we had to answer several questions to even close family members. I keep a blog about having type 1 diabetes at, but I also keep a home remodeling blog at Nice to meet you (sort of)! =)

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