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Rejecting Children June 16, 2010

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That’s what I felt like I was doing today.

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Mr. Barefoot and I are now official sponsors of a child through Compassion International. They are an amazing non-profit, and everyone I know who has had experience with them can’t say enough good about them. I’m so glad we finally took the leap and became sponsors.


You have to CHOOSE the specific child you want to sponsor. Really Compassion? You put all of these adorable, beautiful children in front of me, all of whom desperately need care, and I have to CHOOSE? Way to forever assault me with overwhelming abandonment guilt. As soon as I get ready to click on one picture, every face surrounding it fills me with guilt and I was overcome with the need to adopt every single one of them. We happen to be affected by this phenomenon called limited income, however, and had to call Mr. Barefoot over to make the decision.

Mr. Barefoot strode over in all of his confidence while scoffing at my decision-making ineptitude.

Until he sat down at the computer, that is. He was just as overtaken as I was. In all seriousness, the need is so great. Just looking at page after page of faces and stories breaks my heart. Compassion does such great things. Then as we were talking about our decision, we realized we were thinking of ourselves as far too important. (Sidenote: I do that a lot. All the time actually. And God constantly has to whack me over the head about it.)

God is going to accomplish great things with or without little old me. It is certainly to my benefit, however, to let him use me in whichever ways he chooses. And I couldn’t be more grateful. The way he chose to use me today was in sponsoring Shema David, from Rwanda. Shema has not been “chosen” in the more than 6 months he has been awaiting adoption, and we are so glad we could do something to help, regardless of how pitiful it feels compared to the thousands out there that need help.

We put our faith in God, though, and trust in his Word. So Shema, we are looking forward to sponsoring you.

P.S. Apparently there is a random button that doesn’t force you to choose. We only found it after we had already placed Shema in our online shopping cart (which, by the way, awkward much?), and if you think there was any way we were hitting that “Remove” button, you are out of your mind!
Do you sponsor a child ? Tell me about it!


Picking Sides June 15, 2010

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When we first got married, way back in ye’ old days of six months ago, we had to decide which side of the bed to sleep on. We both knew our parents had very specified sides of the bed, and it never changed, so we were well aware that

1) This was in fact a life-changing decision with far-reaching consequences destined to last us all the way to the nursing home with canes and walkers and those triangle bar thingies to help you get out of bed (which, don’t get me wrong, there are some mornings when I would really really really like to have one of those)

2) This was definitely one of those legitimate-married-people things that we’d always associated with grown-up mature types, and to be faced with the chance to have one of those was thrilling, to say the least.

3) Holy cow, we were going to be sleeping in the same bed! WEIRD

On our honeymoon, we decided to forgo the decision until we got home for the first time, so the side-choosing was haphazard at best. Then, our first night in our new apartment, there were big decisions to be made. I flopped down on the left, Mr. Barefoot on the right, and surveyed the view. We switched and evaluated. Quite honestly, we couldn’t tell the difference, but were nonetheless aware that this was an important decision that should not be taken lightly. In light of that view, I decided that the left side was going to be my side, and that was that. However, as soon as I made my decision, my choice was challenged, as Mr. Barefoot decided that since I found the left side so desirable, there must be something about it, and immediately declared the left side his. Naturally, the contrarian in me jumped forth with “Nuh-uh!! It was mine first!” A battle royale ensued, the only solution to which was determined by who crawled in bed first each night, the victor claiming his/her left side. Eventually, persistence won out. It was not unusual for me to be finishing brushing my teeth, only to find Mr. Barefoot permanently ensconcing himself in the spoils of his win, replete in his victory of the left side.

I’ve resigned myself to the right. We get along fairly well, and I do have better access to the closet. However, every now and then I gaze forlornly over at the left, taunting me with its view of the door and proximity to the bookshelf. And when Mr. Barefoot is gone, you better believe I’m over on that side, relishing my freedom!

How did you pick sides?


Beyond His Years June 14, 2010

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Mr. Barefoot: What is all that noise?

Me: It’s all of our neighbors – they like to play their music really loudly.

Mr. Barefoot: Darn college kids – ever since all the young people moved in, we can’t get any quiet around here.

My husband, an elderly grump at age 20!


Wet vs. Dry

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Our apartment complex has coin-operated dryers. A washer costs $1.50 to run, and dryers are 50 cents per hour, which would normally be a great deal, if it weren’t for the fact that you usually have to run them for around 2 hours to get things dry. If I ever do an extremely large load, it takes 3 hours. Inefficient would be an understatement.

Not to mention, we still have to pay for the electricity and water it takes to run the washer and dryer. The apartments are so old that they lack individual meters for each apartment, so every month the utilities (including the laundry room share) are divided equally among the apartments. The whole thing strikes me as some kind of Communist plot. Basically, conserving energy isn’t terribly beneficial for each individual, so of course everyone runs their heater on high all winter, and doesn’t worry about leaving lights on. It doesn’t directly affect me! The whole concept just seems wrong somehow. Morally? Ethically? Legally? I don’t know.

But I digress. I had just enough quarters to run the washer and then the dryer for its obligatory two hours when the washer ate my change. I then made the executive decision that * slightly damp * clothes were preferable to actually trekking the 2 or 3 blocks to the bank and snagging some more quarters. I checked my wallet but the darn meters keep me pretty dry change-wise.

So I hauled the clothes back upstairs and folded them and put them away like the sweet, loving wife I tell my husband I am. The next morning, however, when he went to pull out a shirt, it was still * slightly damp *, and Mr. Barefoot wasn’t as impressed with my quarter-saving tricks as I was. He was convinced not only that my version of damp was skewed, but that also, either way, that it would cause the clothing to mold.

I firmly believe that it was mostly dry, and the tiny little damp parts of the fold didn’t matter so much. As a wise woman once said, it’s about “affect” not “perfect”.

Be our Marriage Ref. What do you think?

Also, what’s the dumbest argument you’ve ever had with your spouse?

Edited to add: Ok, ok, I give! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who emailed about the damp laundry! I will never ever do it again! I did not properly adhere to the Laundry Code of Conduct, and I’ve learned my lesson! 😀


Blog Post Numero Uno

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Creative title, huh? Bet I have Pioneer Woman shakin’ in her boots. I like to throw in a little bit of the Spanglish here and there to keep you on your toes. (“you” at this point consists of my husband, and perhaps my mom)

So, I’ve been a blog-lurker for around a year now, and I’m genuinely surprised at how much I enjoy reading about other people’s lives. I spend so much time on Google Reader that my husband convinced me I should share my life too. Seems only fair.

So here I am. I’ve always loved to write, so here’s my leap into the cyber world. Check out my About Me to learn a bit more about who I am. I’ll give you a hint: I’m married, and I like being barefoot. More shocking and surprising information to come!