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The Lead Couch July 15, 2010

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We are the original owners of exactly one piece of furniture. Everything else we own is hand-me-down, Craigslist, garage sale, or fished out of the dumpster (which has some surprisingly good stuff!). Our new furniture is our couch from Costco that my parents bought us as a wedding gift (you know, besides the whole wedding thing 🙂

The couch is normal-sized, but our old apartment was not. It took up the vast majority of the living room. Which was expected. What was not expected was the difficulty moving it into the apartment.

Back-story time: Between the two of us, since we started dating (Fall ’08) Mr. Barefoot and I have moved a total of 5 times. Yes. You read that correctly. 5. We have helped each other move every time. We have a history with couches in particular though. The first move in our relationship was mine, and like the sweet boyfriend he was, Mr. Barefoot gallantly helped me move in with two of my friends after I graduated college. I didn’t have much furniture, so we garage-saled it up the Saturday after I moved in, and purchased a variety of furniture including a $10 TV, a $5 entertainment unit, and a $20 couch.

Which brings me to a great garage-saling tip. Shop college towns right after school ends for the summer. Seriously. Awesome. You have never seen people want to get rid of stuff faster than college students who don’t want to haul their crap home to their parents. Granted, most of what you get is already on it’s third owner, but if you’re looking for functionality, college towns in June are the place to be.

Anyway, back to the $20 couch. While quite a splurge compared to the other furniture I bought, it was pretty comfortable and the students we bought it from helped us load it into the back of Mr. Barefoot’s truck. Besides the beautiful floral pattern faded from its 80’s heyday served to seal the deal. Mr. Barefoot and I were enjoying flirting and giggling during our garage-sale trip adventure, and didn’t pay much attention as the truck filled up with more and more junk, and payed little mind to the fact that the truck would have to be unloaded without the help of tons of eager college students taking our money and gleefully tossing their junk into the truck.

We got back to my house, where I was excited to begin setting up my home…

And promptly attempted to unload the heaviest couch known to man. Lest you think I’m kidding, I should tell you that the couch has not been moved once since it reached it’s current home. I didn’t move it at all the entire time I lived in that house, and I left it with those roommates, and I’ve gone back to visit and it hasn’t moved either. Not to vacuum, not by an accidental bump, not to get something that rolled too far underneath. You lose a pencil under there that is too far for your arm to reach under? That pencil is gone for good, my friend. No getting it back, Adios, Sayonara, Au revoir!

Getting the couch inside the house was equivalent to a military siege. After it wouldn’t fit through the front door. (obviously not, that was the first attempt, of course it wouldn’t be that easy), it also wouldn’t fit through windows, tight hallways, backyard gates, etc). We were determined to find an opening through which the couch could enter, and it was finally determined that by taking the sliding glass door off the tracks, turning the couch at the perfect mathematical angle, and praying like crazy, an entrance was possible.

Keep in mind that at this point my arm muscles had long since ceased to function. My complaining abilities were alive and well though. I’m sure that of course macho Mr. Barefoot was fine, but let’s just say for the sake of argument that both of us were a bit tired and maybe a bit cranky at that point in time. Puppy love was fading fast in the face of the lead couch.

In the end, though fingers were crushed, tempers flared and muscles cried, the couch made it into the house. And there it will stay. Forever and ever. I’m pretty sure it’s bonded itself to the floor. Heaven forbid anyone would ever think 80’s floral is out of style.

Which brings me back to our current couch. The nice new one. That was moved like this:

Yep. Check back tomorrow to see if we made it.


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