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I Have Serious Difficulty Containing My Excitement Over Coffeemate’s Holiday Flavors November 21, 2010

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What? You think I have very little going on in my life to warrant such unrestrained enthusiasm over coffee creamer? Try saying that after tasting this:


But I actually do have quite a bit of excitement going on in my life. For example, I have been in the middle of quite the in-depth conspiracy lately. Meet Cousin Barefoot:

Beautiful, I know! Cousin Barefoot is in New York currently, where she is going to school and just generally being a cool Manhattan-ite. (Manhattan local? Manhattan-er? I am obviously uninformed on being super cool and living in the big city. My upcoming chicken post will no doubt confirm this for you) Anyhoo, Aunt & Uncle Barefoot miss Cousin Barefoot very much, and naturally can’t wait for her to come home at Christmas, but weren’t planning on flying her home at Thanksgiving. We were all really going to miss her at Thanksgiving, since we have a tradition of getting together at Aunt & Uncle Barefoot’s cabin and partying it up. (Not even kidding. Even Grandma Barefoot stays up til 1am)

Grandpa & Grandma Barefoot not partying so hard

So when Mom & Dad Barefoot decided to fly Cousin B out for Thanksgiving as a surprise, it was great news! However, we were then faced with the task of keeping it a secret. Maybe not such a problem in most families, but in our family?

We were worried. Secrets aren’t kept too easily. I was the one who found out the Santa secret and revealed it to all my friends. I’ve revealed pretty much every Christmas present I’ve ever gotten someone prior to them opening it. Not only that, but I also reveal everyone else’s Christmas presents to their recipients as well.  I do not have a poker face. I cannot contain excitement, dismay, or any other emotion you might think of.

And I come by this trait honestly. How do you think I found out about Santa? Or other people’s gifts? I also cannot remember a Christmas where I didn’t know what I was getting either.

Suffice it to say, keeping this a secret for two months was going to be next to impossible.

Up until recently, the secret had been secure. Of course, information was released recently. In a surprising twist though, it was not one of the Barefoots, but Cousin Barefoot’s Boyfriend!! I have yet to meet CBB but plan to do so at Thanksgiving. In a conversation with Aunt Barefoot, he accidentally mentioned flying back together. Whoops! Auntie B immediately honed in. CBB tried to make up something about Christmas, but to no avail. Auntie B’s suspicions were aroused and she immediately called Cousin B, who tried to deflect attention by mentioning that yours truly had a big announcement to make at Thanksgiving.

Um, excuse me? If I’m already married, there is only one big and surprising announcement I’m making …


Uh-oh! Just in case you are wondering – not true! Well, as far as I know! If Grandma Barefoot is reading this, she about keeled over with excitement and is now wildly disappointed.

So, here’s the latest: We are going into Thanksgiving with Auntie Barefoot thinking two things:

1 – She is extremely suspicious about Cousin B’s whereabouts for Thanksgiving

2 – She’s pretty sure there is a Baby Barefoot

Stay tuned for what happens next!


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