Barefoot & Married

Not "Barefoot & Pregnant" yet – not as far as I know, at least!

Salt and Pepper June 17, 2010

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Mr. Barefoot: “I had the weirdest dream last night. We were at the store together, and you said we were out of salt and pepper, so you went to get more salt and pepper grinders, and I told you to just get the refills, but you wouldn’t listen to me!”

Mrs. Barefoot: “Me? Never!”

Mr. Barefoot: “So you insisted on buying more grinders when all we needed were refills!”

Mrs. Barefoot: “So you dream about my homemaking failures?”

Mr. Barefoot: “Um, yes.”

Mrs. Barefoot: “You have very mundane dreams.”


Beyond His Years June 14, 2010

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Mr. Barefoot: What is all that noise?

Me: It’s all of our neighbors – they like to play their music really loudly.

Mr. Barefoot: Darn college kids – ever since all the young people moved in, we can’t get any quiet around here.

My husband, an elderly grump at age 20!